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New Gastrointestinal Lab

Striving for increased capacity and efficiency, the Hospital is planning to expand from one gastrointestinal (GI) procedure room to two adjacent rooms. At least one of the rooms will be large enough to incorporate endoscopic ultrasound equipment (EUS), which is the latest technology in this field and new to Saint Francis. Currently, the Hospital has to “try to get by” with traditional tools or transferring the patient to another facility for EUS, often waiting days for the transfer. Additionally, procedures that now must be done in an operating room to accommodate the equipment will be conducted in these new facilities that offer greater ease and comfort to patients. Clinical demand is growing and Saint Francis needs to be able to offer its patients options that currently aren’t available at the Hospital.

The Hospital has recruited two GI physicians, one of whom is specifically trained in the use of the new equipment. Saint Francis is looking forward to completing these procedure rooms as it strives to keep its services at the forefront of medical technology.

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