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Our Funding Pillars

The Foundation’s funding pillars represent the focus of our grantmaking program and are strategically aligned with the needs of Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and the communities we serve.

The Foundation is a catalyst and partner to improving health care outcomes and access, through investments in Innovation and Transformation, Behavioral and Mental Health, Aging, and Crisis Management and Response.

SFF Innovation

Innovation and Transformation

Innovations in life-changing technologies continue to revolutionize today’s health care landscape. The Foundation is committed to the next 100 years of excellence at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital through strategic investments in innovative patient programs, new medical technologies and procedures, and staff training and education.

Behavioral and Mental Health

Saint Francis Memorial Hospital serves a large and diverse urban population. Through grants and community partnerships, the Foundation is focused on compassionate, integrated health care delivery for those who are medically vulnerable and may face additional substance use or mental health challenges. We support projects and programs to reach patients before they are in crisis, intersecting with the Hospital’s expert Behavioral Health teams to ensure access to care for patients when they are discharged and rejoin their families and community.

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Older coupe


To meet the complex health care needs of San Francisco’s aging population, the Foundation advances programs that promote well-being and affordable health care for patients over 65 and older adults who are suffering prematurely. Our investments in the latest technologies, facilities and equipment, and physician and staff training help foster better health outcomes and independence for vulnerable older residents.

Crisis Management and Response

When a crisis strikes, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital is there to deliver compassionate, high-quality and affordable health care to all those in need. Foundation funding helps the Hospital safeguard the public during acute or unforeseen emergencies like earthquakes and fires, and ensures that San Francisco’s premier downtown hospital has the resources to respond to prolonged public health crises such as the HIV/AIDS epidemic, chronic homelessness, and infectious diseases including COVID-19.

Crisis Management