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Bothin Burn Center


Bothin Burn Center/ North Bay Fire


Saint Francis Memorial Hospital has the largest burn unit in the Bay Area. The Bothin Burn Center is caring for patients with burns and/or smoke inhalation fleeing the devastating fires in Santa Rosa and the North Bay.

Many of the families do not have the resources to stay in San Francisco, or do not have a home to go back to, while their loved ones are being treated. We are collecting funds which will be made directly available to provide services to the affected families, including food and lodging.

Please join us in supporting these families.

*Please designate “Bothin Burn Center families” when making an online gift.

You can also mail a check to:

Saint Francis Foundation
900 Hyde Street, Suite 1208
San Francisco, CA 94109
*Please note “Bothin Burn Center families” on your check.