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Drivers of Health in the Tenderloin

TLHIP Approach to Population Health

By working together to align priorities, resources, and activities, we are creating pathways to health for the Tenderloin community.

Since 2014, the Saint Francis Foundation and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital have teamed up to serve as the backbone for a place-based, collective impact approach to addressing the social determinants of health in the Tenderloin.

Collective Impact is a model for large scale social change requiring a common agenda, shared measures, aligned activities, continuous communication, and a strong backbone. Working with more than 100 multi-sector partners and with a Community Advisory Committee (CAC) of neighborhood leaders, TLHIP partners have aligned around five pathways to health.

This framework allows us to better coordinate between government, business, and non-profit sectors, work with community, and co-create solutions to deliver a deeper impact.

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TLHIP Focus Areas: Pathways to Health

Resident Health

Health is more than just disease prevention or management — it is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being we all strive for. In the Tenderloin, we’re working hard to promote and protect health, and we all have a role to play. We believe everyone deserves to be healthy and have the physical, social, and emotional support to attain well-being.

Behavioral Health

Concentrated in the Tenderloin are many individuals struggling with substance use and mental health challenges. Working together, there is potential for a stronger network of resources to support those looking for help. We believe everyone deserves access to treatment and recovery services for susbstance use and mental health challenges.

Safe and Active Shared Spaces

Lack of safety is a significant barrier to accessing parks and other services in the Tenderloin. Citing crime, poor lighting, deteriorating sidewalks and shuttered storefronts, residents feel less safe compared to other parts of the city. When public spaces are well-kept, clean and vibrant with activity, they become safer. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe in their neighborhood.

Economic Opportunity

Higher unemployment rates and lack of investment for many decades have hurt economic prospects for those in the Tenderloin. Opportunities for decent jobs can change the economic trajectory for an individual and collectively, a whole community. We believe everyone should have access to employment and be able to afford to live in their neighborhood.

Housing Access

The Tenderloin hosts a higher proportion of people experiencing homelessness than other neighborhoods, and while some services and shelters are available, the need still outweighs the supply. High housing costs mean many are struggling to stay housed and living on the streets can lead to disease and ill health. We believe everyone deserves to have affordable housing options in their neighborhood.