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110 Club



110 Club

“Having the Saint Francis family supporting the Hospital internally sends a powerful message to our donors outside the Hospital.”
–Jim Houser, Former President/CEO, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital 

The 110 Club celebrates Saint Francis Memorial Hospital’s 110th Anniversary and the employees who have dedicated time and talent to its legacy. Saint Francis employees can join the 110 Club by making a tax-deductible donation at or above $110. Club members will see their name on a leaf of the Giving Tree in the Cafeteria at the Hospital.

Saint Francis Foundation’s goal is to raise $75,000 for Patient Life through the generosity of 500+ employees. The Foundation is committed to raising funds for the Hospital to deliver exceptional health care services and compassionate care to its patients and their families.

For more information on the 110 Club or how to join, complete the form below or contact Allison Blomerth Lamm at 415.353.6787 or




Contact Information

Limit 40 characters, examples: Jane Smith, The Smith Family, In honor/memory of Jane Smith, Anonymous


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Who can join the 110 Club? SFMH employees–contracted and volunteers.
Who do I contact if I have questions? Please contact Allison Blomerth Lamm at 415.353.6787, email or stop by the Foundation office in Suite 1208.
What is the 110 Club? The 110 Club is the name for the 2015-2016 Employee Giving Campaign, chosen to celebrate the 110th Anniversary of the Hospital. Members will receive recognition on donor signage in the Hospital’s Cafeteria.
What will the donor signage look like? The size of names will be based on level, but the goal is that the names outline the design – Names will be printed on an individual leaf of the Giving Tree posted in the Cafeteria.
Where does my donation go? 100% of your tax-deductible donation supports Hospital employees and programs, our community, and our patients.
How do I make a donation? Please complete the campaign brochure and return to the Foundation Office, Suite 1208. You can pay in full via check or credit card, or log in to Employee Self Service to opt into payroll deductions.
I currently give via payroll deduction and qualify for the 110 Club – am I opted in? Yes, but please fill out a form and return to the Foundation Office, Suite 1208.
If I do payroll deductions, do they automatically cancel after 10 months? To cancel payments, you must log back in to Employee Self Service. Your active donation will be listed along with the option to cancel.
Is my donation tax-deductible? Yes and the Foundation will provide you with a donation letter for tax purposes. Payroll deductions are not done pre-tax because they are reportable on tax forms, but they are tax-deductible.



Payroll Deductions

  • Visit the Inside Dignity Health webpage through your default browser
  • Under Time and Compensation on the right side toolbar, click Pay Info. You will be redirected to ESS (Employee Self Service)
  • Enter Employee ID # and Password (Hint: Employee ID # is on your recent paystub and password should be your default computer login password)
  • Click on Employee Giving on left side toolbar – Select ESS Employee Giving
  • Click Add Donation
  • For payroll deduction, click the radio button next to Option 2. “Donate a flat amount per pay period”
  • Next to Foundation, scroll down and select Saint Francis Foundation (SF)
  • In the Flat Amount to Donate text box, type in the dollar amount you would like to contribute per pay period. Please do not enter a $ sign. If you enter a $ sign it, will not process! Please enter 5.50, 15.00, 30.00, or 55.00.
  • Fill out the online form or campaign brochure and return to the dollar Foundation Office, Suite 1208


110 Club Level Amount per pay period over 10 months
Member 5.50
Friend 15.00
Partner 30.00
Leader 55.00