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President’s Blog

Mark Ryle is the 7th President of the Saint Francis Foundation, with nearly a decade of experience leading human services non-profit organizations in San Francisco. The President’s blog reflects on trends in philanthropy, health care, and the complex challenges of our community.

A Safe Haven for Transgender Health

There are few things more complex than gender (and with those words I’ve already raised the eyebrows of many whose beliefs are binary: either/or, male or female).  However, navigating changes in gender – transitioning – certainly takes things up a notch in terms of intricacy and the idea of sex change is fraught with overlapping…

A Statement on the Public Health Crisis of Gun Violence

My heart is aching.  My soul is searching for a moral north.  My mind is confused and angered, alternately.  Perhaps yours is, too. My people are country folk: west Texas enlightened peace officers, teachers and farmers.  Eagle Scouts.  I come from a long line of skeet shooting deer hunters who enjoyed guns for sport and…