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Celebrating Compassion: Moy’s Heroes Awards Ceremony

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We are thrilled to announce the winners of this year’s Moy’s Heroes Scholarship and Compassionate Care Awards! These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and compassion in their roles at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, and it is with great pride that we honor them.

Dr Moy WInners

Moy’s Heroes Scholarship Award

Rita Malveaux

Rita is a CNA/Transporter within the Nursing department. Her commitment to providing the best care possible is evident in every interaction. Rita plans to use her scholarship towards phlebotomy training, a testament to her unwavering pursuit of excellence in healthcare.

Trenay Broussard

Trenay is a Security Officer with the Public Safety/Security department. Her warm, respectful demeanor sets a positive tone for everyone she encounters at the hospital. Trenay’s personal journey, shaped by her brother’s inspiring spirit, fuels her passion for compassionate care and is pursuing training in phlebotomy.

Dr Moy and Winners

Moy’s Heroes Compassionate Care Award

Angela Chan

Angela, a CCA in the Care Coordination department, embodies the essence of compassionate care. She goes above and beyond, ensuring that patients’ needs are met with utmost attention to detail. Angela’s selflessness extends beyond her immediate team, reaching out to colleagues across departments.

Joanna Torno

Joanna, a Physician Engagement Specialist in the Clinical Informatics department, is a beacon of empathy. Her dedication to listening and understanding the concerns of her colleagues has earned her the admiration of all who work with her. Joanna’s willingness to lend a helping hand exemplifies the spirit of compassionate care.

Celebrating Compassion: Awards Ceremony

On October 12th, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital had the honor of hosting a ceremony to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our Moy’s Heroes awardees. The event was a heartwarming testament to the power of compassion in healthcare.

Attendees were privileged to hear from Saint Francis Memorial Hospital President, Daryn Kumar, Kate Smith, President of Saint Francis Foundation, and Dr. Brad K. Moy. Dr. Moy is dedicated to recognizing heroes at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. In April 2019, Dr. Moy made the largest gift to date to the Saint Francis Foundation’s education fund to support Saint Francis staff. “Moy’s Heroes” award will greatly impact a hospital employee’s professional goals.

The ceremony not only celebrated the accomplishments of our deserving awardees but also provided a platform to reflect on the origins of the award and the incredible impact it has had on the lives of those it touches.