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Health Care Hero Profile: Ana Delgado, MSN, RN

Health Care Heroes

In May, the Saint Francis Foundation began featuring the amazing Saint Francis Memorial Hospital staff at work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff Profile:
Ana Delgado, MSN, RN

Director, Care Coordination,
Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Q. What is most challenging about your work now?
A. The most challenging aspect of my work during this crisis is finding appropriate discharge placement for patients who are homeless or living in shared housing. The shelters and Medical Respite have reduced their capacity to accept patients.  

Q. What are you learning from this unprecedented situation?
A. This crisis has brought a sense of belonging and creativity among staff and the community. We all had to change how we function on a daily basis to meet the challenges of this disease and beyond.

Q. What do you feel most hopeful about right now?
A. I am embracing the hope that the worst is behind us.