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Foundation Awards Five Grants to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

Foundation News & Updates

The Saint Francis Foundation is proud to award the following five grants requested by Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

  • Patient Handling Lifts: to update equipment across all inpatient units and the emergency department. This equipment not only keeps patients safe but also protects staff from work injuries related to patient movement.
  • BK Ultrasound Unit with Floor Stabilizer: to purchase an ultrasound unit which enhances accuracy for patients receiving radiation treatment.
  • Gender Vocal Cord Surgery Equipment: to obtain specialized instruments for airway management necessary for vocal cord surgery for transgender individuals.
  • Gurney for GI Lab: to optimize conditions and anatomic visualization for patients to receive procedures that require the use of C-arm for radiology support.
  • ManoSan for Esophageal Manometry: to purchase a ManoScan for the GI Lab to evaluate motor functions of the esophagus.

For more information about these grants and others, please visit our Spotlight on Grants page.