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Your Community Hospital Always Leads During a Crisis: Support Saint Francis During COVID-19

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Saint Francis Memorial Hospital has been a fearless, first responder to the City’s health crises for more than 100 years. From the 1906 earthquake to a devastating AIDS epidemic and today’s mental health/substance use disorders of the Tenderloin, we have always stepped up as the City’s Hospital.

Saint Francis never turns anyone in need away. And once again, we find ourselves in that critical leadership position as our City readies itself to meet the COVID-19 challenge.

We walk into the crisis to care for our most vulnerable and we trust that the Hospital does everything to keep us safe. We have extra personnel managing the visitor flow, we buy extra garb, we work overtime to answer questions from the public and train the staff on precautions, and we employ additional cleaning. The whole team works in overdrive to keep the Hospital a safe place for everyone—patients and staff alike.” – Kathleen Jordan, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

We are asking for your support of our infection control team, who need equipment and personnel to increase safety; clinicians who need access to trial treatment for patients; and overall increased staffing to serve a higher volume of patients.

I couldn’t be more appreciative of our staff than in times like this—their knowledge and efforts have been tremendous. As the predictions of viral spread become reality, we need to support them.” – David Klein, MBA MD, Chief Executive Officer at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

Thank you to our community for once again meeting this crisis the way only Saint Francis knows how: fearlessly and compassionately.