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Bothin Burn Center & Kiwanis Club of San Francisco Celebrate Decades of Collaboration

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Saint Francis Foundation and Mike Milstein, from the San Francisco Kiwanis Club, came together this month to celebrate the long-time support and collaboration the Kiwanis Club has given to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital’s Bothin Burn Center. The Bothin Burn Center, established in 1967, is the first burn center in Northern California to be verified by the American Burn Association and American College of Trauma Surgeons. The Center’s sixteen-bed intensive care unit provides world-renowned care to burn patients from throughout the U.S. Western region and the world. Over the last 57+ years, the San Francisco Kiwanis Club has donated over $300k to Bothin Burn Center, becoming a fundamental team member in supporting the incredible life-saving work that takes place there every day.

We celebrated 57 years of Kiwanis’ giving to the Bothin Burn Center by gathering in front of the nurses’ break room that is named in the Kiwanis’ honor. We thank the Kiwanis for more than half a century of charitable giving that enables the Burn Unit to care for our community, while looking forward to the next 50 years.”

-Dr. Richard Grossman MD, FACS, Bothin Burn Center Medical Director

The San Francisco Kiwanis Club recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of meeting at the Fairmont Hotel. 60 years ago, the club set up a permanent trust fund to support youth projects and made the Burn Center the main recipient.  As a longtime member of Kiwanis and an 11-year member of the Saint Francis Hospital Foundation, I have had the pleasure to see the great work the Hospital and the Burn Center are performing.”

-Mike Milstein, Kiwanis Club of San Francisco