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Moscone Vaccine Site Update – Quarterly Board Brief with Joanne Sun, MD

Foundation News & Updates

Spring 2021

Your quarterly charitable check-up
from the Saint Francis Foundation Board of Directors

This is the second quarterly update in 2021 from the Saint Francis Foundation Board of Directors. These regular “check-ups” demonstrate how philanthropic contributions are invested to support health care in San Francisco.

Joanne Sun, MD has been a Board Member for two years and the Medical Director of the Emergency Room at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital since 2012.

This Board Brief reports on the Moscone Center vaccination site and the contributions of Saint Francis helping to vaccinate San Franciscans. The pod is staffed by pharmacists who prep the syringes and multiple nurses who administer the vaccine to between 4,000 and 9,000 patients daily.

On March 11, the Moscone Center celebrated its 100,000 vaccination.

We are grateful for the dedication we’ve witnessed from the Saint Francis medical team, pivoting through surges and new clinical breakthroughs. The Foundation’s commitment to serving the health of the community has been unwavering.

With gratitude,
2020-21 Board of Directors, Saint Francis Foundation

Scott Taylor, Board Chair
Daniella Vallurupalli, Vice Chair
Arjun Arora
Deanna Berzins
Matt Brady
Ed Conlon
Richard Grossman, M.D.
Michele Hanson
Brandi Bentley Hudson
Aneesh Krishna
Nili Malach Poynter
Frank Malin, M.D.
Chris Meza
Nicole Prieto
Victor Prieto, M.D.
Sarita Satpathy, M.D.
Kate Smith
Joanne Sun, M.D.
Paul Tormey
Aneal Vallurupalli
Heidi Wittenberg, M.D.