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Centers of Excellence

Centers of Excellence
at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital

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OccupationalOccupational Medicine Service Center
Specializes in the support of and care for the many people who head to work each day with some source of debilitation.

Joint-CareTotal Joint Center
Dedicated to providing the best possible care for foot, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder injuries and disorders.

Burn-UnitBothin Burn Center
Opened in 1967, the first specialized burn facility west of the Rockies evolved from a four-bed ward to serving an area of 10 million residents, with state of the art technological, human facilities and practices.

EmergencyEmergency Services Department
In a recently renovated and uplifted facility, encompassing more than 10,000 square feet of space, we are the second busiest emergency department in San Francisco, receiving as many as 50,000 patient visits each year.

Pain-ManagementThe Comprehensive Pain Management Center
A collaborative team identifies a patient’s pain and then provides optimal treatment through state-of-the-art procedures and technologies, while focusing on minimally invasive techniques.

Sports-MedicineDr. James G. Garrick Center for Sports Medicine.
The center was launched in 1979 and is currently the longest-running hospital-based athletic injury treatment
program in the country.

Spine-CareThe Spine Care Institute of San Francisco
The Spine Care Institute of San Francisco is a national leader in the treatment of chronic back and neck pain and injury.

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