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Awards granted to Saint Francis Memorial Hospital are made possible by your generosity.

The Foundation from time to time raises funds for specific large scale campaigns/projects. The most recent campaign was for the Bothin Burn Center renovation. Funds raised for the Center totaled $4,700,000.

Other projects are funded through grant awards. The following are some of the recently funded projects.

The Board of Directors Awards

Digital Mammography: $710,000
Funds the construction of new space within the Radiology department, and new mammography equipment. Digital imaging provides enhanced image resolution over analog technology, which improves the ability to detect smaller tumors in the breast tissue of both men and women.

Telemetry monitoring system: $600,000
Provides a central monitoring system within the telemetry unit that enables remote monitoring of 24 inpatient beds in order to continue the provision of safe, high quality services. Patients traveling from the department for tests and therapy will also be provided the monitoring. The equipment monitors a patient’s heart rhythm, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation levels.

Hematology and Immunochemistry analyzers: $498,266
Hematology analyzers are essential in the laboratory and are bought in pairs so that there is always a back-up analyzer. The immunochemistry analyzer is a stand alone unit. This equipment is central to patient care. Almost 70% of tests run by the lab involve these machines.

One 12 inch C-arm, and Two Mini-C arms: $283,444
The C-arm system provides real time x-ray imaging during surgical procedures. The mini C-arms are ideal for smaller bones such as foot and hand.

Ultrasound for Radiology: $181,851
For many types of diseases and trauma ultrasound is the preferred method of diagnosis. Ultrasound is part of a comprehensive service delivery system for patient diagnosis and care.

Phone System Upgrade: $130,000
This grant funds a port expansion for voicemail enhancement / call tree for port expansion. The expansion will allow for calls to be directed to correct departments, people or pre-recorded directions, messages or directly to voicemail if chosen. This system will be usable by the entire hospital and will be rolled out for the Sports Medicine department first.

Other Hospital Grant Awards

7th floor Rehab Unit: $35,000
Dining room chairs and tables, chairs for the gym, lobby furniture, and sleeper chairs, furniture and curtains in patient rooms

Dietary: $16,500
Patient Meal Carts

Emergency Department: $20,000
An updated EKG system

Critical Care: $11,570
GlidesScope – For use in intubations with difficult airways

Infusion Center Design and update the facility: $25,000
To create a more healing safer and more competitive environment

Laboratory: $7,800
Replace outdated lab freezer

Surgery: $31,900
X-ray film imager to capture images off the C-arms

Surgery: $34,000
HD monitors to view images in surgery

Surgery: $25,000
Flexible Cystoscope

Environmental Services: $18,500
Floor buffer and scrubber

Radiation Oncology: $27,864
Bite Block Immobilization System

Pulmonary: $33,500
This metabolic system measures caloric requirements of patients so appropriate nutrition can be proided and is necessary for the care and treatment of critical care patient, especially those in the Bothin Burn Center.

Awards to our Community Partners

America Scores “Words in Action Program – Civic Center
Asian and Pacific Island Wellness Center
Bay Area Womens and Childrens Center
Tenderloin HIP Block Plan Support
Boys and Girls Club of SF Funds the Healthy Lifestyles Program of the Tenderloin Clubhouse
Chinese American Coalition of Compassionate Care
Conard House Health Navigator program
Curry Senior Housing
From the Garden to the Table
Juma’s Fit to Work program
Larkin Street Youth Services
Mercy Housing Health and Wellness programing
Meritus College Fund
Nation Council on Alcoholism – Bay Area
Project Homeless Connect
Raphael House
St. Anthony Foundation for the Medical Clinic
San Francisco Senior Center/Downtown