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Community Crisis Response Fund

Saint Francis Community Crisis Response Fund

For more than 100 years, Saint Francis Memorial Hospital has been at the forefront of serving our community during times of crisis, trouble or danger.

Our Community Crisis Response Fund supports Saint Francis Memorial Hospital and other community based organizations during critical times when faced with infectious disease, natural disasters, “fire season,” violence or periods of prolonged and intense public emergency response.

To this end, the Foundation has responded with funding for the Emergency Department, the Bothin Burn Center, in creating and sustaining the COVID unit, and during the HIV epidemic, earthquakes, fires, and mental health and substance use crises.

However, even with the most careful planning and preparedness, communities – and the institutions which serve them – can be overwhelmed quickly by large-scale humanitarian crises and pandemics.

Our hearts are heavy during this time. The Foundation has worked closely with the staff at Bothin to support victims of wildfires and other burns for decades, and we are ready to do so again. As we find ourselves already fatigued from the valiant COVID efforts, we must dip into our deep reserves and be ready to do more. Please join us.

Given this terrible current crisis, please join us in supporting burn victims of these area fires.

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During this tragic ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Hospital has continued to play a critical leadership role. Saint Francis was designated by Mayor Breed as San Francisco’s first dedicated COVID-19 treatment hospital. This selection meant that starting March 25th any patient who needed to be treated for COVID-19, was transferred to Saint Francis to receive care. The Hospital stepped up to provide this service, while not receiving additional funding from the City.

The areas of need included funding two areas funds half a million dollars in support of the Hospital and its staff:

Triage Center Critical Supplies Fund

With the active support of our donors, the Foundation supported a temporary emergency center for handling anticipated overflow from the ICU and Emergency Room. This fund ensured that the Hospital could access supplies and other materials needed in order to support an influx of patients.

Hospital Staff Emergency Relief Fund

With support of patients, friends and donors, the Foundation has given out $250,000 in small grants to provide emergency relief to the hardworking Hospital staff who have incurred unexpected personal expenses due to this health care crisis. Grants have been given to support unforeseen costs such as child care, elder care, transportation, school supplies, meals or other necessities. The compassionate staff make Saint Francis what it is – thank you for supporting them these past few months.

The Hospital needs your support now more than ever.

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Saint Francis Memorial Hospital relies on the support of generous patients and friends, especially during challenging times like this. We know this crisis affects us all and we appreciate your strength, courage and dedication to your community during this difficult time.

We know that together, we can lead the way in San Francisco, uplifting the most vulnerable in our community by supporting Saint Francis Memorial Hospital – our community hospital.

Please join us in this effort.

Please donate today in support of those tragically effected by the fires and/or COVID. Saint Francis needs your leadership in these trying times.