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With the Foundation since:

March 2019

My role at the Foundation:

Ensuring the future of the Foundation—while delivering its present. My role requires I bring my whole self to it—leveraging my strengths in the community of philanthropy in San Francisco while meeting the challenges of a complex health care environment.

What I love about my job/what motivates me:

Serving the community in which I live and work is important to me. This, of course, is at the core of the Foundation’s mission. In its alignment with Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, it is a uniquely San Francisco institution—a critical part of the Tenderloin and Nob Hill communities—and is committed to supporting good works right here at home. It is a mission I can easily get behind and contribute to.

What I did before coming to the Saint Francis Foundation:

I had the honor and privilege to lead another iconic San Francisco organization, Project Open Hand. My team and I were stewards of a precious legacy—part of the very fabric of San Francisco. Prior to my six years there, I spent more than two decades in finance and banking.

Personal interests:

Family, friends, and doing the best I can do to make those who love me proud.