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Our Supporters

Gratitude is at the core of philanthropy at Saint Francis.

For 114 years, dedicated friends have been making Saint Francis Memorial Hospital a philanthropic priority. Grateful patients, community partners, corporations, foundations, physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers make up the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital family. Together these caring individuals have a daily impact on the healing process at Saint Francis. Because of the generosity of our supporters the Foundation has been able to grant more than $50 million to Saint Francis over the past 40 years.

It is your human kindness that allows Saint Francis to remain a leader in the healthcare community.

Our Donors

Thank you to our major donors who have given from 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2019.

  • James A. and Miffy Aleveras
  • Jacqueline Annes
  • Caroline Arakelian
  • Alec Bartsch
  • Charlene Battaglia
  • Frank S. Bayley
  • Asim Bhansali
  • John and Kelly Boynton
  • Marie Anne Burkhard
  • John R. Cahill
  • James M. Campbell
  • Lyman H. and Carol Casey
  • John H. Crawford
  • Rose L. Dare
  • Julia Davidson
  • Robert H. Druesne
  • Josephine Dundas
  • Dorothea Dutton
  • Elizabeth England and Robert S. MacIntosh
  • Elsie M. Fletcher and Don Rosenthal
  • Connie Frank and Evan Thompson
  • Launce E. and Isabella Gamble
  • Mona R. Geller
  • Gloria Getty
  • Charles Gibbs
  • Harvey W. and Gail Glasser
  • Harris Goodman and Kathy Dugan
  • Randy E. Gutsch
  • Thomas P. Harries
  • Thomas M. Harrod
  • Robert A. Harvey
  • Fred B. and Lily Hom
  • Charles B. and Ann Johnson
  • Robert J. Kenneth
  • Nina Keys
  • David G. Klein
  • Ernest J. and Susan P. Lawton
  • Doris Shoong Lee
  • Sarah and Stuart Lee
  • Eric Lucas
  • Frank R. and Dorreen Malin
  • J. David Malone
  • Subash Mani
  • Joseph N. Marasco
  • Diane Morris
  • Brad K. Moy
  • Peter J. Musto
  • James Rolph Nicol
  • Ronald W. Noland
  • William E. Oberndorf
  • Richard and Susan B. Olness
  • Barbara Z. Otto
  • David R. Priest
  • Victor A. and Nicole Prieto
  • Darryl L. Raszl
  • Andrew F. Rumer
  • Barry and Cary Schneider
  • Michael C. Schrader
  • Neil H. and Gina Smith
  • Michael and Cherie Soza
  • Alice P. Sullivan
  • Scott and Shelly M. Taylor
  • John R. and Janet Upton
  • Ronald and Helen Valmassy
  • Gwendolyn Walsh
  • Corinna Wan
  • Diane B. Wilsey
  • Kok Wong and Diana Chu-Wong
  • Charlotte W. Woolard
  • Philip Yee
  • Alfred Young

Our Sponsors

Thank you to our Sponsors and In-kind Donors:

  • Danford Foundation
  • Bill Gregory
  • Celebrity Cruises
  • Heather James Fine Art
  • Porsche
  • Ed Conlon & Hathaway Dinwiddie
  • Jerry Thompson Painting
  • Paganini Electric
  • Pribuss Engineering
  • The Grubb Co.
  • MedLine
  • Hamilton Mixon and Aandy Ly
  • Tito’s Handmade Vodka
  • Joel Goodrich at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury
  • Christopher J. Meza at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury

If you prefer to have your gift remain anonymous, please contact the Philanthropy team at 415-353-6650 to be removed from the web site.